5 Best Summer Clothing Fabrics

Summer is finally here. After a long wait, we can now enjoy the beautiful weather. But do you have what it takes to dress for the season?

Well, I’m going to help you with that. This article shall cover a summer fabric checklist and we shall narrow it down to the 5 best fabrics for you this summer.

Fabric checklist

First off before narrowing it down to the exact types of clothing fabrics you need this winter, let’s make a checklist.

This checklist will act as a guide to picking the best clothing fabric for you this winter.

1. Sustainable

Everything we bring into our lives should be sustainable. We are living in a world where everybody has a role to play in making the environment safe and sustainable.

You can contribute to this by wearing sustainable clothing.

To make the right choice on where to get your sustainable clothes, visit US-Reviews.com and see reviews about sustainable fashion brands.

That is a good way to start hunting for winter clothes.

2. Breathable

It tends to get pretty hot during the winter season. You should therefore get more breathable fabrics and heat repellants.

3. Lightweight

A lot of outdoor activities happen during summer. You should therefore opt for lightweight clothes

4. Affordable

It all comes down to the counter! We are all after getting cheaper or affordable things in life. Getting summer discounts off good clothing is something to be on the lookout for.

5. Fashionable

Summer, unlike winter, is a time to play around with fashion and style.

There are a lot of fashion trends that get hyped up during winter and you don’t want to miss any of them.

6. Heat absorbent

You want a clothing fabric that absorbs sweat rather than one that retains it.

7. Easy to clean

No one wants to have lots of tough laundry piling up when you could be enjoying a nice walk at the beach.

Best Clothing Fabrics this summer

1. Cotton

First off, cotton will and had always been the number one go-to summer fabric. It is good for all the seasons in a year.

Let’s see what it check off in our checklist. Cotton is made from natural fibers of cotton plants making it environmentally friendly.

Cotton fabric is also breathable and lightweight making it easy to absorb sweat.

Fashion is subjective, how you choose to style and rock your cotton fabric summer clothing is up to you. Everybody has different tastes and opinions on what is fashionable.

2. Linen

Linen is one of the best fabrics to have around during summer.

The flax fiber properties in linen make it breathable allowing air to escape easily through the material.

It is not a clingy fabric meaning it can help you stay cooler because it’s easily blown away by the wind.

Linen fabric is not just good for clothing but also for your beddings during summer.

Whether you choose it for your bedding or clothing, linen is soft and lightweight making it easy to clean and most suitable for the hot season.

3. Chambray

This fabric closely looks like denim. It is a plain-weave light blue fabric made from 100% cotton.

Unlike denim it is;

  • Lighter
  • Thinner
  • Softer – making it easier to clean.
  • Made from cotton – making chambray good at sweat absorbance, highly needed for the season.

All the above-listed characteristics of chambray make it a better alternative to denim, especially for hot summer days.

4. Jersey

Another great summer fabric alternative is cotton Jersey fabric. It is made from a mixture of cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers (spandex.)

You find them mainly used to make t-shirts. They are lightweight and comfortable making them recommendable for summer.

You can use this fabric for your tops, t-shirt, dresses, or jumpsuits. These fibers are good at absorbing moisture

Depending on where you buy your summer clothing or the brand, jerseys will come in a variety of styles and fashion trends to suit you.

5. Rayon

Last but not least we have rayon fabric.

The rayon fabric defines sustainability. I mean, it is made from cellulose derived from plant sources (wood pulp from beech, pine, or bamboo).

This plant-based fabric is breathable, light, and comfortable. Ryan absorbs more moisture than cotton.

It is light like silk making it a summer suitable fabric.


What you want to avoid when choosing a summer fabric for your clothing is polyester, leather, denim, fleece, and nylon.

Polyester fabric is environmentally unfriendly and anti-sweat. Denim and leather on the other hand are heavy-weight fabrics.

Nylon, just like denim, is anti-sweat and unsustainable.