Social media has done a lot of good to people. Yet, this doesn’t overwhelm the negative effect of social media. From customer reviews of the social media on, everyday living is affected by addiction to social media. It sometimes takes time that should be devoted to physical dating.

Some of the good of social media is in networking with new people, reaching out to friends, meeting new friends, etc.; social media enforces a dynamic relationship. However, online dating reviews show that romantic bonds can be damaged via social media although it could’ve built them. Some of the following are the effects of social media on dating:

1. The Time Spent Online Could Affect Your Relationship:

By spending time online, you could hurt those you love. The average hours spent online every day is 2 hours. However, some spend much more than this. They find it difficult to stay offline and their addiction to social media seems to be normal. Although this isn’t true, every other person becomes invisible to them. They maintain an awkward relationship and still think they have a strong relationship offline. Social media is sometimes a big barrier to an effective relationship, which is why some relationships fail.

2. Changes in Personalities:

Social media is filled with different celebrities whom you could look up to emulate. You could love to have a relationship like that of Kim Kardashian, or perhaps, Beyonce. You could even be a fan of John Legend and the relationship with his wife, Chrissy Teigen. However, you only see what you’re allowed to see. The real-life relationship is beyond the happy moments. Obsession with their pages in hope that they materialize in yours could remain an illusion.

3. Leaking of Private Discussions:

Whenever you discuss with your partner, you could be tempted to post or tweet them. You may not think twice before posting, which you should. Releasing relationship secrets and stories could be a huge turnoff for your partner. It could eventually ruin your relationship.

4. Don’t Get Jealous:

 Jealousy sometimes flies around. You may see your partner with a lady or man in his or her workplace. It doesn’t mean that they have a relationship together. If you don’t guard your emotions, you could be too connected with what you see that you become swayed by it.

5. Keep Your Loved Ones in Mind:

While you need to be mindful of people’s beliefs and your biases, prioritizing your loved ones in everything you do could protect you. You should be connected with your family, rather than strangers on the internet. This doesn’t mean that you should forsake the role of physical contact.

6. Lack of a Healthy Balance:

One of the things that ruin a relationship is the disability to create a healthy balance. You must be able to create time for your online activities as well as your relationship life. Spending too much time online at the expense of your relationship could make you lose it.

Through these ways, social media and the things it reveals could diminish your relationship. You have the responsibility to protect what you have.