Facebook, since its launch, has become a global social media craze because it offers interesting features that users want to aim for. Today, while more and more social networks are born, Facebook still seems to have an indispensable position for billions of users. Here you can share mood lines, update useful information or browse the shortcuts of your favorite TV series.

There are many users who need to download video Facebook to be able to watch them offline, but Facebook does not provide this feature. Many people mistakenly think that Facebook’s save video feature is to save it offline. But that was a mistake. To save videos offline, you need to visit websites that support video downloads. There are a lot of options for you but not everyone knows which apps and downloaders are safe. If you download an app to your phone without doing your due diligence, you may have your phone’s privacy compromised.

Read the article below to understand how to download any video from Facebook quickly and safely.

Step by step to download video from Facebook safely and quickly

SnapSave.App is the online app/downloader for you. You can use the website online on your computer and phone. If you are someone who often needs to download videos on Facebook, we encourage you to download this application to your phone. The app works on all Android and iOS devices. After installing on your phone, apply the same steps as you did in the browser. The application is safe and completely free for all users.

  • Step 1: Copy Facebook video link

Go to Facebook, find your favorite video to download. Select video share -> Copy link

  • Step 2: Paste the link in the text field -> Download

  • Step 3: Choose the desired video quality

  • Step 4: Wait for the download and enjoy your video

The finished video will appear in your device’s memory. For private videos, first, open the browser, visit Snapsave.app and select Download private videos. Then perform the same steps as above.


With SnapSave, downloading a video from Facebook is not difficult with just a few simple steps. If you are looking for a safe and free Facebook downloader, give it a try and leave feedback in the comments section of this article.