Pieces of art that you can only find at the Moco Museum

If you are looking for something different in the city of Amsterdam, there is a place that has a lot to offer you. The Moco Museum is unique in its style as it offers art pieces full of color, creativity, and fun. In addition, each of the artists behind these pieces has the mission to convey a special message based on modern society. This is the case of Studio Irma,¬†which in alliance with this wonderful museum has created truly unique pieces of art. One of their most striking works is “Reflecting Forward: In Search of Connectivism”. Created by Irma de Vries to show, in her own words “how internet technologies such as web browsers, search engines, and social media contribute to new ways of learning and how we connect with each other”.

What is this exhibition about?

Today we live in a connected world. It is hard to imagine our lives without the Internet. Studio Irma wanted to show how we can get ahead if we learn to take advantage of this connectivity. Each of us is a unique and special being. However, in order to achieve our goals, we will always need the support of someone else. Parents, siblings, friends, or even a boss can all be important pieces in our personal development. The Moco Museum wanted to demonstrate through this piece of art that only if we become a united society, we can achieve optimal and sustainable development. Art is able to show that we can shine connected to each other. Leveraging the virtues of others to counteract our weaknesses is key to complete human development.

A little about Studio Irma

Founded in 2020 by Dutch artist Irma de Vries, she had the vision to use technology to bring art to the younger generation. In this way, Studio Irma was born under one philosophy: Connectivism. Uniting the skills of dancers, technicians, graphic designers, video editors, among other people from different fields, she is able to demonstrate that only if we are connected with each other we can get ahead. Videomapping, augmented reality, computer animation, and painting are some of the techniques exhibited at the Moco Museum. This new form of art captures the attention of the youngest visitors, who are attracted by its great variety of colors and effects. Few exhibitions manage to combine so many creative elements in one place. Definitely part of the creativity contained within this great museum located in Amsterdam.