When you plan to start a new blog, you have many things to consider, like the design of the site, blogging platform, content, and most importantly, the website hosting service. Many hosting services are available, like Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, etc.

While most new bloggers prefer Shared Hosting in India, you can choose between Windows and Linux Web Hosting, SSD and HDD servers, etc., based on your needs.

Here’s a video that talks about the advantages of Linux Shared Hosting:

Today, we are looking at Shared Hosting plans and the benefits they offer to novice bloggers.

In India, web hosting services are designed to cater to the needs of different types of websites. For example, new bloggers have specific hosting requirements like affordability, ease of use, security, scalability, etc.

Here are some benefits offered by shared hosting plans that make them perfect for new bloggers.

  • Cost-efficiency

New bloggers find it very difficult to start a stream of income via ads or sponsored posts. Also, with most bloggers being individuals (and not organizations), the IT budgets are fairly limited. This makes the cost of the hosting plan an important factor.

In Shared Hosting, since the webserver is shared between multiple users, the host divides hosting costs. This allows the host to offer shared hosting plans are affordable rates.

  • Managed Services

Web hosting is a technical process, and not every blogger is a technical expert. Hence, bloggers (especially novices) need technical support if they are not technically qualified.

In Shared Hosting, the webserver is run and managed by the host. This allows you to be assured of the committed levels of service and focus on blogging.

  • Designed for new and small sites

The server’s resources, like RAM, CPU, etc., are shared between multiple users in shared hosting. Hence, each user gets limited resources. While this might not be ideal for large websites, Shared Hosting plans offer adequate resources to new and small websites.

For example, your content is limited when you launch a new blog, usually with few visitors. Hence, your blogging site can run efficiently on a Shared Hosting plan.

  • Basic Security

While websites that offer online purchases or expect visitors to share crucial personal or financial information need top-notch security, the security requirements are fairly basic for a blogging site.

Dedicated Servers offer one of the most secure hosting environments to websites. However, they are costly and can burn a hole in the pocket of a novice blogger. On the other hand, most Shared Hosting providers offer basic security measures sufficient for blogging sites.

  • Resource scalability

As a new blogger, you expect your viewership/readership to grow. However, it is difficult to predict the speed at which it will grow. Therefore, it is important to choose a hosting service that grows with your site.

A Shared Hosting plan from a good hosting provider can ensure that you have scalability options to accommodate growth.

Summing Up

As a blogger, you need to ensure that your blog works seamlessly and allows readers to explore content without performance issues. The features offered by a Linux Shared Hosting plan ensure that you offer uninterrupted services to visitors to your blog.