Red Flags When Looking for a Place to Rent

Renting an apartment or a studio unit can be a great experience, especially if it’s your first time living independently. But there are many red flags you need to be aware of before you commit. Here are a few you need to keep extra vigilant:

  1. Be Wary of Very Low Prices

If you look hard enough, you’ll find a good deal eventually. But sometimes, if you find out so quickly, it’s best to be wary. Should you find a well-sized property that’s significantly below the average price, most likely, there’s a catch to it. Perhaps it’s nearby a noisy street filled with restaurants or bars. It might be dilapidated, or the property has a propensity for mold or humidity. Make sure to look at the property thoroughly

  1. Sans a Background Check, Be Suspicious

Many landlords are very thorough and strict when screening their tenants. After all, they want to be sure that they’ll get well-behaved tenants who’ll respect the shared space and pay on time. However, if you find a landlord who won’t do the mandatory background checks like credit checks or references, you’d best be suspicious. A landlord who doesn’t care about their type of tenant will breed rude and raucous tenants, so you don’t know how good your neighbors will be.

  1. You’re Not Allowed to See the Property Before Signing

Anybody looking for property understands that it’s best to see it face-to-face before you decide. And if you’ve found a property you’re interested in but the renter makes it hard for you to view the location, think twice before you agree to anything. Whether they’re putting it off for later or constantly making late cancellations, you have to be wary. There’s a high likelihood of something wrong with the property, like a hole in the wall, a furnace that needs repair, or even bad neighbors. Any faults to the property don’t always mean that it’s a bad deal. However, it’s crucial to fully understand the situation to know what you’re getting into.

  1. The Renter Is Asking for Cash Immediately

Financial transactions for apartments or rental properties are often done through bank transfers. So if the renter insists on cash, there’s something wrong. This is especially true if they insist on cash earlier than they should be and say that it’s to “secure the property” so no one else rents it first. Of course, putting in a month or two’s deposits worth is a regular procedure. But other than that, there should be very few hidden charges. Another reason why you need to be wary of your landlord when they’re being pushy with advancing the payment is that they might be a scam. Even in rental properties, scamming or deceiving people still happens, as malicious people tend to develop ways to steal money. It’s also our responsibility to be wary and vigilant against people like this.

  1. Strange Scents and Weird Stains

Even though it might be so easy to overlook at your first rental viewing, it can also tell so much about the place you’re planning to rent. For instance, suppose you find mold or mildew growth in your home. You’ll need to ask the landlord immediately about humidity or ventilation problems. Both these issues make your living unpleasant and can also pose problems with your health.

Another important thing you need to be wary of when viewing properties is any smells and stains that might seem suspicious. Now, you won’t immediately smell it, especially for the first time. But that’s why you need to make repeated visits to make sure you’re going to get your money’s worth. Not only are bad scents indicative of a problem in the property itself, but they can also harm your health. Note of areas with very obvious stains and dirt, or even rooms with a strong scent of air freshener- it’s probably there to mask the bad smell.

  1. Lastly, It’s Hard to Talk to the Landlord

Landlords, be they the property owner or just managers, should always be available to contact. It’s their job, but it also stands to benefit them to always be in touch with their current and potential tenants. If the one you’re walking to right now takes a bit of work to contact, think twice. Even if this behavior isn’t their usual behavior, trying to process your rental with an uncooperative manager is just downright difficult. Bring your time, money, and effort somewhere where you’ll be treated better. You’ll most likely be going to be treated better during your stay too.

It might be challenging to find the perfect rental listing, but these red flags will help narrow down your search. And when you notice any of these red flags, it’s best to bring your business elsewhere.

Meta title: What You Need to Watch for When Renting a New Place
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